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    "After receiving your newsletter this morning – it prompted me to write this email to let you know how impressed we are with your Jungle Sports class and leaders at the Guildford Grammar Gym venue (Sunday morning 9am sessions). After being given a ‘bring a friend for free’ voucher from a good friend of ours at our sons kindy – we thought we would give Jungle Soccer a go and see if it was worth getting up early on a Sunday morning for (I love my Sunday morning sleepins!!). The impression Dan and his helper made on that first morning.. and all subsequent mornings have now made our Sunday morning classes ones that we wouldn’t miss for the world! Not only has Dan and the other Gamekeepers been welcoming, fun, enthusiastic, genuine and professional each and every time – but the ability they also have to give each child one on one encouragement and attention has truly been impressive. Dan and the guys, seem to have a very natural and genuine rapport with the kids and luckily for the adults – also have fun senses of humour that help to keep us laughing and enjoying the class too. So thankyou for the classes, thanks for the fun – and most of all a huge thankyou for the team you have chosen to lead it. Great job! "

    Savannah Warren & John Bowden


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