The Jungle Journey

We realise that every childs Jungle Journey will be different and move forward at a different rates. Children can move through Jungle Stages in their own time, so there is no pressure and the learning process will be made easier, without fear. After all, its fun to play and we play for fun!

Each child who starts their Jungle Journey along the Pathway will be guided all the way by our experienced and enthusiastic Gamekeepers. Where ever you and your little Superstar start in your journey, whether it is the CUBS, EXPLORERS OR LIONS, you will find each individual class tailored to the correct age and ability, with differentiations aplenty and all ability levels being taken into account. A Jungle Superstar will build their confidence and skill level as they go through their Jungle Journey in this fun learning environment.

Jungle Bubs (16mth-2yr old) 

(Please note BUBS only available at limited venues during Pilot stage 2014)

The first stage of the Jungle Journey now begins with Jungle BUBS at selected venues.

Each week is based on a colour, animal and two fundamental movements. The movements are almost always sport related, so it caters for parents who want their child exposed to the real basics of sport from a young age. Each 35 minute session is full of fun, colour, balls and music. Both mums and dads will enjoy guiding their child through the BUBS program over the 9 week term. There are 'Jungle Play' (free play) sections within the sessions so children and parents can socialise in a safe environment whilst utilising our Jungle Sports equipment. Jungle BUBS is the best way to mix fundamental movement, coordination, socialisation and fun into your young 'Superstars' life!

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Jungle Cubs (2yr-3yr old)

From catching, throwing, kicking and movement activities, the Jungle CUBS learn essential skills in a fun and enthusiastic environment. A Jungle CUB will build their confidence throughout the journey and develop important social skills such as listening, taking direction and socialising in a group with other children and parents.

Most venues have 2 stages to the CUBS Journey. 18mth to 2.5yr and 2.5yr to 3yr (venues with Jungle BUBS sessions have BUB's for 16mth – 2yrs and & CUBS from 2-3yrs).

The sessions are 35mins in length, with the CUBS being active and engaged for the whole time, along with their parent who is assisting them 100% of the time. The sessions are jam packed with activity and variations are introduced frequently, so that a CUB is focused and active at all times. Sports that are covered are soccer, rugby, basketball, AFL, Netball , cricket and multi-skills. This gives each CUB a taste of a wide range of sports and stands them in good stead before moving further in their Jungle Journey.

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Jungle Explorers (3yr-4.5yr old)

As the journey moves on, so do the different activities offered at Jungle Sports. When a child is ready to move from the CUBS sessions, they are now looking to become more proficient with the skills they are learning. As the Explorers grow in all areas of sport, Jungle Sports look to discover hidden talents that will help the Explorers to start achieving their potential.

There are 3 options for the Explorers to choose from: Jungle SOCCER, Jungle MULTI-SPORTS and Jungle RUGBY (selected venues).

These sessions are 50mins long and follow a clear structure, are non-competitive and are still with parental participation. The Journey that Jungle Sports has taken since being established in 2003 has clearly shown that the childs ability progresses so much faster when a parent is assisting them, and it provides the parents with sufficient tools to help their children outside of the Jungle too.

When the Explorers go from term to term throughout the year, they can simply move from one Jungle sport, to another, and find each class at the appropriate development level for their learning.

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Jungle Lions (4.5yr-7yr old)

The final stage in the Jungle Journey is with the Jungle Lions. The Lions have reached the oldest age group in their chosen Jungle Sports program. Here they will have more independent learning (although parents will still play a role in the sessions) and progress their skills to a level that will give them a head start into team sports. The Jungle SOCCER sessions will have more Small Sided Games, more technical skills, but will continue to have the unique Jungle Sports structure and energy. The Multi-Sports classes gives a slightly more in depth experience of a different sport each week for the children who like the opportunity of playing more than one sport. As we all know, its a Jungle out there and the Jungle Lions are prepared for what the world of sports has to offer.

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